Experience is key.

Sister Barbara Schwarz, OP is a member of the Order of Preachers for over 34 years. She has worked    with over 30 parishes, several retreat centers, numerous Catholic School and Religious Educations Deaneries and Congresses, Parish and School Staffs, Confirmation Retreats, Local and National  Dominican Youth High School Preaching Conferences, the National Dominican College Preaching in Action Conferences, and much more. Fourteen years of pastoral experience as a leader in Religious Education, thirteen years teaching in Catholic Schools,  15 years of experience in the model Pastoral Formation Institute of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Collaboration and Creativity required. Offerings with Flexibility are the Way.
Parish retreats, workshops, a series, a retreat for your staff, group or organization, subjects for teacher  or catechist training all are designed with you in mind.  Confirmation retreats, Adult Education, or parent-student Sacramental Preparation meetings. All programs and processes are designed to meet your  particular needs.

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"Our lives are meant to be a prayer and preaching giving shape and voice to the ineffable mystery of God."

Barbara Schwarz, OP is a member of the Order of Preachers, an Amityville Dominican Sister. To simply name her vitae is to miss the whole of who she is for Barbara embodies the art of preaching.

Sister Barbara Schwarz, OP is an Internationally published artist and author. She has an MA in Scripture, Preaching Experience, training by Global Education Associates in processes for the  integration of a Global Perspective and Global Spirituality,  along with certification as a facilitator of Healing Through the Expressive Arts by Salve Regina University.

Sister Barbara has been a Keynote speaker for the Dominican Youth HS Preaching Conference and College Preaching in Action Conference for several years.

In her 14 years as Director of Religious Education she was a  leader in the implementation of a Family Perspective in Religious Education.  She appeared on Telecare for a Family Perspective in Church and Society and Lay Leadership Training and more recently teaching Scripture for Adults segments. She also taught Scripture courses, Morality, and Church ecclessiology courses for the Pastoral Formation Institute,for 15 years and was on the committees for reaccreditation..

Sister Barbara has been involved in prayer process & Course design. "She collaborates and works with you in a very professional manner." She has the proven skills to work creatively with your staff, faculty, parish, parents, and children.

"People know and hear with all the senses they have. Our preaching must help to touch the core of people by using all the skills we have at hand. " Barbara's creativity is clear in the environments she creates for prayer in churches, classrooms, and in whatever location. All is integrated into a whole. Sister's preaching is grounded in the real. It is not unusal to hear "I thought she was speaking just to me!"

In 1982 Sister Barbara had viral encephilitis. She found art helpful to her healing w hich lead her to become a facilitator of Healing through the Expressive Arts with a certificate from Salve Regina University.. It also give Sister Barbara a compassionate and honest understanding of the needs of the sick, poor and infirm. She did ecumenical prayer for Valley Streem Clergy around the anniversary of 9/11.

Barbara Schwarz, OP is a leader. She is past president and vice president of the Dominican Institute for the Arts, a grassroots organization of sisters, friars, and laity from all over the world. She was on the board for 5 years and recently was awarded "The Spirit of DIA" awards given for the first time at the 10th anniversary of the organization. She has also chaired the annual gathering of the Dominican Institute for the Arts.

"All of my art and preaching come from that sacred space of contemplation."  "What we see with our eyes touches our hearts and transforms us." She was the artist articulator for the first grassroots meeting of the Federation of Dominican Sisters USA in St. Louis during April 2002.

Barbara has been a regular presenter at the Dominican Youth High School Preaching Conference and the Dominican College Preaching in Action Conference. She has producted a dvd to further the conferences and the Dominican Young Adult Movement.
Her work is a celebration. Barbara never ceases to try something new. Her work ranges from brilliantly colored abstracts to dark luminous mandalas. She carves wood, works in clay and when she paints it is either watercolor or acrylic.Current events can find their way into her works as well. Most of them about themes of justice and peace. She is as at home with a chisel as she is with the computer. It is not infrequent for her to design new prayer cards or do a piece just for a retreat.

Barbara's prolific work spans many media from graphic arts which she uses for her own work, Dominican collaborations, and different organizations as well as her retreat and training programs.to clay, acrylic, sculpture and colored pencil mandalas. It is normal for people to crowd around at breaks in national meetings to see some of her drawn notes.

More recently she has done a lot of video work. Her video. on the Dominican preaching of her congregation can be found on YouTube at www.Youtube.com/heritageamityvilleop and www.YouTube.com/artafire  and on www.catholicdominicansisters.org

Her art has appeared in the internationally published Millionth Circle Calendars 2002 and 2003 as well as her Dare to Dream 2001 Calendar and her calendars: Follow Your Whimsy, Healing Touch, Filled with Wonder, This Earth Moment is in Your Hands, Healing the Earth and Circling with Hope. Her latest calendars are photographic with the Dominican Sisters of Amityville's grounds.

Her graphics for local and national conferences range from portfolios and prayer cards to Congregational and intercongregational reflection journals, vocation brochures, and websites for the Northeast Dominican Congregations. Her article "Urgent Longings in a Global Society" was internationally published by the Dominican Ashram. She created the graphics, cover, and layout for a book by her Dominican Sister Margaret Galiardi OP.,

Barbara also  produced a video A Journey with Dominic and the Order of Preachers. on Dominican Spirituality, a dvd for the Northeast Dominican Process of Committed Collaboration and is on lthe Commited Collaboration Coordinating Team.

Sister Barbara Schwarz, OP
At www.artafire.homestead.com you will find blessings, gifts, cards, and artwork that has
been created in a spiritual context that promotes Gospel values.
Graphics and book cover done by Sister Barbara for this recent publication